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Red Maple Leaves

Tree Planting Project

After several years of successful neighborhood tree re-plantings, we’ve decided to begin an aggressive approach to achieve a 90% tree canopy by 2040. Thanks to generous private donations, your dues payments and tree fund donations — THE PROJECT IS FULLY FUNDED! To date, we've planted over 110 trees in 2020 and 2021. 


As you are probably aware, trees help homeowners save energy, keep our neighborhood cooler in the summer, make the area more inviting to walk and bike through, and improve the air quality. We will plant new trees in places that provide the maximum benefit. This includes choosing appropriate species for each site and planting a variety of species because diversity protects the community forest from catastrophic loss due to pests and diseases.

For a more in-depth look, this PRESENTATION shares the mission and goals, background data, the plan in phases, planting locations, tree species, and cost.


Help us bring this plan to life by caring for one or more trees coming to your area! We will send out an email with opportunities for you to sign up to help. You can also donate to the tree fund to help keep our young trees growing.

OHNA has partnered with Friends of GR Parks to help us prune and enhance the beauty of our trees. Friends of GR Parks is a non-profit organization that works closely with the Grand Rapids Forestry Department. Their plan is to provide the city with 40% tree cover. They plant 700+ trees per year in our city's parks and neighborhoods.

Friends of GR Parks are kicking off their spring tree planting season with ArborFest in partnership with the Mayor’s Greening Initiative. Calling all volunteers for their springtime community-wide tree-planting event! In 2023, they are going bigger than ever by planting 200 trees and giving away 150 more over two days in the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood.

To sign up to help. Click here.

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