Electronic Communications Policy

The Neighborhood Email List and Neighborhood Web Site are solely for the purpose of conducting Ottawa Hills Neighborhood (referred also as the “Neighborhood”) business. Some job/volunteer responsibilities of the Neighborhood require access to the Internet and the use of requisite software. Only people appropriately authorized may use the Email List and/or Web Site, or access additional software on behalf of the Neighborhood. The Neighborhood Email List, Web Site and Newsletter are solely the property of the Ottawa Hills Neighborhood, a not-for-profit corporation.

Software Access & Use Procedure

Software needed, in addition to the Microsoft Office suite of products, must be authorized by the Board. This includes any software used to publish the Neighborhood Newsletter. Any information for Neighborhood wide dissemination, including any printed media, pictures and images must be authorized by the Board. This includes original content or content taken from other sources.

Email Usage

Email’s of Neighborhood members are private and to be used only for Neighborhood business. No emails of Neighborhood members are to be used collectively or individually for any personal business or business not associated with Neighborhood sanctioned business or activities. Sanctioned Neighborhood business or activities shall never include:

a) Activities of propaganda or attempts to influence legislation, intervention for, or in opposition to any public office candidate.
b) Individual neighbor personal business including, advertising, informational search inquiries, endorsements, announcements, solicitations, etc.
c) Sending pornographic images, jokes or stories or any other objectionable material via email is prohibited.
d) Any emails that discriminate against Neighbors or any citizen associated with the Neighborhood by virtue of any protected classification including race, gender, nationality, religion, age or handicap shall be prohibited.

Emails of neighborhood members are private and not to be forwarded to any individual(s) or organization(s) outside the neighborhood without prior approval of the neighbor. The Neighborhood Email List is solely the property of the Neighborhood and shall not be distributed without permission from the Board. All emails shall be of a civil tone and respectful to all receivers.
Violation of any of these policies may cause the offender to be removed, by the Board, from any future email correspondence and may cause the violator to be removed from the Neighborhood Email List.

Neighborhood Ownership

The Neighborhood owns any communication sent via Email, any information on the Web Site and any information in the Newsletter. Any unauthorized use if prohibited. All mailing list email should be sent “one address per piece”. If any subscriber to the Email List wishes to be removed, they may unsubscribe through the email system at any time. Any feedback, questions, concerns, complaints or information about this Communication Policy or about usage shall be directed to the Board President for review and consideration.